Diabetic Shoe Store in San Antonio, TX

No matter what sort of foot problem you suffer from, we can customize a pair of shoes that offers optimal comfort just for you. Whether you have foot ulcers, deformities, or simply spend the entire working day on your feet, our experts can create a pair that will have you feeling great. 

Diabetic Shoes

The Ideal Diabetic Shoes to Relieve Your Pain – When you avoid the wrong shoes, you will also be avoiding infections, ulcers, and more.


If you are living with diabetes, you know all too well the discomfort you are in without the ideal shoes. When you visit us, we will help you find a pair of shoes with the perfect fit. Our selection of shoes can provide comfort and support, and they will also help prevent future complications. When you shop here, you will receive onsite foot assessment, pain relief, and custom orthotics. Put our three decades of experience to work for you and allow us to create custom-fabricated diabetic inserts.



Custom Orthotics

All of our custom orthotics are made for YOUR feet only. Designed in-house by one of our specialists, your orthotic will be created with superior craftsmanship and built to last. Our 3D Carver allows us to take a three-dimensional image of your foot, which lets us create an orthotic that’s made perfectly for your foot’s size and shape. 

Custom Shoes

At Ideal Shoes Medical Supplies, diabetic shoes can also be stylish! We have many different styles, including tennis shoes, dress shoes, slippers and sandals, and more. Men, women, and children alike will all find shoes that can help them in any daily routine. We also have diabetic socks and other foot care products.

If you need a custom shoe, you've come to the right place! We will handle everything to ensure you get a shoe with the perfect fit and perfect style. A 3D image is taken of your foot to make sure we get the most accurate measurements. Start your day off on the right foot and visit Ideal Shoes today!