Incontinence Supplies in San Antonio, TX

A culture change is sweeping through long-term care. It’s about respect, dignity and individualized care. We are all different. One size does not fit all. Residents with incontinence need a product that keeps them dry, has the right fit, and delivers comfort and dignity. Without a product that fits correctly, a culture has developed where residents are placed in larger briefs to accommodate bigger thighs. This creates problems: leakage, odor, compromised skin integrity, discomfort, loss of confidence, and escalating costs.


If you are facing incontinence issues, there is no need to be embarrassed. At Ideal Shoes Medical Supplies, our staff is helpful and respectful of your privacy. We have all the resources you could possibly need to effectively manage your condition. 


From incontinence supplies to bathroom safety aids, we are proud to offer our community a broad spectrum of trustworthy durable medical equipment and supplies. At Ideal Shoes & Medical Supplies, we offer diabetic shoes and so much more.


We offer the following incontinence supplies:

  • Waterproof Pads 
  • Creams 
  • Protective Pads 
  • Adult Diapers 
  • Heavy Protection Items 
  • Disposable Pads 
  • And More!